Sinus Relief - P Richard

Sinus Relief - P Richard

Thank you so much, Carolyn, for the sinus relief.  I had sinus surgery and I was still having trouble.  The facial drainage cupping technique gave me instant relief.  I recommend it for anyone struggling with sinus issues.

Seasonal Cleansing - Darla D

Seasonal Cleansing - Darla D

I had a virus for over six weeks. Doctor gave me an antibiotic. I was well for two weeks AND then my Cervical Lymph node had swollen the size of a goose egg. Was put on another antibiotic. Took vitamins and lymph node was still swollen.
Then I went to "Paradisus Oasis Wellness Center" to have Mud Detox with the Steamy Wonder Lymphatic massage.
AMAZING RESULTS! I have felt WONDERFUL each day with HIGH ENERGY after each treatment! On my way today for my third treatment I noticed the knot in my neck was COMPLETELY GONE! Thank you God !!
Thank you Carolyn for ALL YOU DO!


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