Health Benefits of treatments -
I began having a bout of severe swelling on both my lower legs.  With the regimen Carolyn recommended for me, the Aqua Detox, lymphatic drainage massage, and the Steamy Wonder tent treatment, I can say that with only three (3) sessions my swelling is completely gone!  I not only got the health benefits of the treatments, I felt abosolutely wonderful during and after the sessions.  Relaxed, less stressed and the pain of the swelling was relieved.
Melissa T.



The Original  Detox Foot Spa

The Revolutionary Way to Detoxify, Re-balance & Re-energize Your Body

30 minutes - $40


Buy 5 get the 6th one free - $200

The foot spa contains water, a saline solution and an electro magnetic device called an array.

The Aqua Detox System produces a charge which stimulates the cells within the body.  The positive and negative charges in the water allow the body to attract and use the negative ions to rebalance and release toxins.  The most convenient and effective way to release these toxins is through the 4000 pores on the feet.  Following a treatment the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours.

The benefits of the Aqua Detox treatement are numerous and many people have enjoyed relief from the symptoms of illness.  The Aqua Detox treatment is never the same for any two people and this means that quite different results may be experienced by people suffering from what appear to be comparable symptoms.  This is because the symptoms may be caused by different underlying conditions.


There are four specific categories of people who should NOT use the Aqua Detox system - those with

  •  pacemakers
  • have had an organ transplant
  • who suffer from epilepsy
  • pregnant women.
  • We would also advise that people recovering from severe illness or surgery should allow their body to recover fully before using the system.