Skinny Massage sessions will focus on those problematic areas of the body including the upper arms, abdomen, upper legs, back, and buttocks.  Different herbs and oils play an important role in enhancing the elimination of fat cells from the body when used with the Skinny Massage.  Massage strokes help this cause and benefit in a smoother, toner appearance.  (Assessments should be done to determine if the client might require a series of "Body Contouring" to work on various stages of cellulite.)

Stage 1
There are no or hardly any visual signs while standing up or lying down. 
When you pinch the skin, it will reveal small folds
caused from the collagen and elastin deteriorating but no detection of cellulite.

Stage 2

There are still almost no visual signs when standing up or laying down. 
However, upon pinching the skin, it will reveal that cottage cheese or orange peel appearance.

Stage 3

Proof is visible here. 
Not only do you have the appearance of cellulite when standing up only,
but women also will complain of feeling fatigue and heaviness.

Stage 4

You don't have to pinch this area to see cellulite appearances.
Here, the area does not roll or move between your fingers.  It can be seen when standing up or lying down.