Seasonal Cleansing

     Our bodies have natural cleansing cycles when they want a lighter diet, more liquids, and greater elimination than intake.  This occurs daily usually from the night until mid morning, about an hour after we wake), and it may occur for longer periods weekly and more commonly for a few days a month.

      In the yearly cycle, seasonal changes are key times of stress when we may need to reduce our outer demands and consumptions and listen to the way our inner world mirrors the natural events.    Transitional time between seasons, especially spring & fall, are good times for detoxification.

    The benefits of steam therapy address all levels of the physiology, while simultaneously providing the mental relaxation and peace that today's client's desire. 



3 consecutive treatments $315 ($150 savings)

4 consecutive treatments $400 ($220 savings)

5 consecutive treatments $475 ($300 savings)

1.   Do you have headaches or chronic aches and pains?
2.   Do you tend to overeat?  Are you overweight without overeating?
3.   Do you have high blood pressure or elevated blood cholesterol?
4.   Do you have food or environmental allergies such as hay fever, rashes, or asthma?
5.   Do you have chronic sinus headaches or nasal congestion?
6.   Do you experience constipation, heartburn, or indigestion?
7.   Do you often find yourself tired and fatigued?  Do you want to feel better?
8.   Do you often eat fast foods, fried foods, or refined foods?
9.   Do you regularly consume caffeine or sugar?  Do you need them to get through your day?
10.  Do you take over-the-counter, prescription, or recreational drugs on a regular basis?
11.  Do you smoke daily?  Have you tried to quit?
12.  Do you consume alcohol on a daily basis or in large amounts?

Symptoms of toxicity:

Allergies        Acne        Anxiety        Burning skin
Brain fog        Chronic fatigue        Chemical sensitivities
Depression        Eczema        Frequent colds or flu         Insomnia
Loss of dexterity        Low body temperature      Memory loss
Mood swings        Muscle and joint pain        Poor concentration

Maximum Detoxification & Purification Treatment – regular price $155 each

The detox treatment is ideally administered consecutively for 3, 4, or 5 days.  It is good to begin with a 3-day consecutive program every 3 months or every season.  During the treatment, the body's temperature increases; the resulting persperiation allows for the toxins and impurities, including toxic metals, which can severely compromise one's health.  As the pores open, many toxins and impurities will be excreted from the body, thus achieving the desired results.  Soreness and fatigue melt away, and you look and feel energized, balanced and rejuvenated.  The products in this treatment package provide additional benefits and accelerate the process of detoxification dramatically.

When you complete the program, you will be healthier and will look and feel younger.